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After it release (it was not announced before) the ad came out stating that NN is MGRs 125th movie, but it did not help. Ofcourse knowing MGR, he would have not have allowed that. (Ippodhu dhan therindhu konden - idhu oru padalin prelude enru.) Prelude ai thodarndhu Abdul Hakkim voice il B day wishes ketta ninaivu varugiradhu. Adharkaga 7.00 manikae cylone radio vaithu vittu, (veetil periyavargaluku appodhu Delhi news time - sometime periyavanga win pannuvanga.. :clap: :clap: Pick #484 Song: m ALigai An Alum Film: Asha Music: K. Sivakumar in VA's role is as bad/or even worse as MGR in that role. The supposedly long run of MGRs films in normal circumstances can be contributed to another factor. ) during Piranthanaal Vaazthukkal announcement as a theme , merry for celebrant , and hurry ' for Pongum poompunal listeners , which came next . cant forget this and the following "pongum poompunal" tune... and also those ilankai thamizh film songs like "yen m Ama nee oru k Om ALith An" or "unnai varainth Ene u LLamadhil E" or "anbu LLam ko Ndu s ERndha nalla naa L" etc. I I have an humble request....kindly pls post audio verson along with video verson would be highly appreciated. Thanks, Jack Hi All, Sorry, was/am busy with several things here. The Gap between two MGR films will be big and for hard-core MGR fans who used to repeatedly view the movie, they had no other go and this helped the movies to run for more days. as per rules radio announcers never allowed to play the same song twice in a day therefore many listeners had to settle with the preludial alone . To make Po W more regular, I've requested "Neel D" to post songs and he has agreed to do it henceforth. For those who don't know, Neel has been one of the key song-contributors of this thread with many hard-to-find songs (Ramki often says "I looked for this song everywhere for so long.. Do you know who acted in Tamil version in place of Neetu? Nirmala (in black costumes) pairing periya wig MGR :) This song is spoiled due to LRE's overplaying. The best of the lot always goes to Neela nayananga Lil :)[tscii:07d084081d]Senior hubber Murali Srinvas on NN from an old post: "Naalai Namadhe: As you know it was a remake of the evergreen hit Yaadon Ki Baarat. Sethu Madhavan of Malayalam film world (A great director who had done some excellent films in Mal. I can re-collect my memory of Kalyana Raman releasing time, i guess it was 1979very 1st day of the release me & my friend went to Alankar Theatre early in the morning queue up for 1st show. "Kuppaththu Ponnu" apparently had Prem (Krodham fame? Not the first time some obscure film had the privilege of featuring such a wonderful song. poor mother-in-law doesn't even notice the resemblance which consequently help marumagal beat her hands down right from the start , with kaanthimathi's punch rhyming dialogues , plenty of humorous situational comedy making an impact (not sure if kaanthimathi writes her own) Nagesh kanakkupillai of kaanthimathi , V K Ramasaamy .. very entertaining family comedy package The highlight of the film for sure MSV 'S BGM and songs for his own creation: Mellisai mannarin 'sarigamapadhani films' Mangala vaathiyam with songs like Thullivarum kaalai ponnaikanda v Elai - SJ Malaisia Vasudevan Sorgam therigirathu athil E sugamum irukirathu -SJ Vandinnaa vandithaan ithu Vaathiryaaru vandithaan - nenjam undu nermai undu odu raajaa kind song for kamal with Vaathiyaar MGR poster attractions Vella kaakaa mallaaka -TMS hit reminding kaarthigai maasamadi kalyaana seasonadi and Raajaathi kumgmam kamal's daydreaming with nadaswaram prelude progressing to an enjoyable duet rich orchestration with quick transitions , singer's style giving a touch of class treat to the ears must be a sure memorable one ! Also, i am long searching for following extremly rare songs of 70's. This clearly affected the movie and moreover when it was released on 4th July 1975, YKB was still fresh in the minds of the people and if you remember NN had no such elements that would satisfy a MGR fan. There might be many birthday tfm songs but nothing hits home like this one for many 'pirantha naal indru pirantha naal ' have become extremely nostalgic , owes much of its popularity to the fact that the first few lines were played EVERYDAY on Radio Ceylon during (guess 60's - late 80's? I saw the movie once and then only I heard this in "radio ceylon". Eventhough, we used to shout ( not sing :oops: ) this song on friends BD celebrations... After very longtime you had given oppertunity to listen "Pirantha Naal" paattu. And hopefully I don't repeat any song already posted :-) I am beginning my assignment with a rare song, and plan to keep it rare most of the time.

indha paatu k Ekkum p Odhu naa Lai namadh E paatu gnabagam varudhu.. Somehow I feel, KJY could not show that thu LLal in his rendition, as SPB steals (even overshadows KJY) the song. The film had a novel storyline(first of the seperated family reuniting by song genre) and had superhit songs. Todays song and 'en idaiyilum' song were the least popular among the 6 . The initial plan was MGR will do Dharmendras role, Sivakumar will do Vijay Aroras role & Kamal for Tariqs role. After us, House Full board was hang on the counter. As some of you may have waited for audios, I'll let you enjoy them and post the next song on Monday. PIck #482 Song: pirantha naal Movie: Naam moovar MD: S M Subbaiah Naidu Singer: TMS Lyrics: Vaali Naam moover' might sound like a Modern Theatres flick but on the contrary its by one 'Balan pictures for Magendran's story (not sure if Mullum malarum fame ? with the chemistry between all of them new lease on life imbued with energy ,girl friend , party , duets , the carefree joys of friendship but for how long ? IR adapts and weaves in the campfire clapping and jollity, which was also part of the S-J tune. I will be on the lookout for the "thalai prasavam" song. :)Pick #487 Song: va Larpi Rai enav E Film: Rendum Rendum Anju Music: Gangai Amaran Singer: Mano Lyrics: ? If you listen to LMs version you will see the change - just in the tempo and arrangement. PIck #474 [html:8267e24a8a] Song: Osai koduththa Film: Gnaana Kuzhandhai Singer: P. I believe the scene would've been just like in the pic :) beautiful song. Short little hummings sprinkled throughout the song, chorus bits, the bongos that softly embrace the song all the way through, and the violins that provide the base for the entire song, beautiful lyrics saying the usual things in a whole new style, SPB and SJ at their best - altogether this is one of my favorite songs. SPB & SJ never fails to give their best in any songs. I can say, this is the best pick of recent days collections. Jack Pick #479 Song: varuvaayaa velmuruga Film: Yaen Singers: SPB, Sarala MD: TR Pappa Lyrics: Kannadhasan Actors: AVM Rajan, Lakshmi, Master Aadhi Narayanan tfmlover writes: I briefly watched the movie. Big bro avm rajan studies ruined , sis luxhmi , little bro all taking refuge in their aunt's house. [html:55d03e63df]Pick #481 Song: raajaathi kungumam Film: Mangala vaathiyam Singers: SPB, VJ MD: MSV tfmlover writes: The movie begins with naadaswaram mangala vaathiyam (title BGM including) in a village introducing Andaal (Kaanthimathi) the loan shark who never misses a trick' including the usual ' vethu paper kai ezhuthu trick ! mindless country kudummi character with speech disorder Yamuna(Sripriya)from the city as expected , being karate master's (Nambiyaar)daughter an eye for an eye situation between two ladies leading to shameful consequences and the main plot revolves around how they get even , kamal between stools neither romance nor big heroism by proposing a marriage between yamuna and her son , Andaal finally mother-in-law ing , humiliating Yamuna in front of the villagers ,marumagal 'sabatham ' new avatar girl come back ! We will miss you and your humor-ful intro to the songs. RR, it is possible to post audio version of Oru Naalil Mudiyathathu song would be appreciated.

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Was "Isaiyin Mazhaiyile, Undhan Idhayam Nanaiyavae..." by VSN? I always wonder how SJ would have sung it during the recording. He writes: A modern and light love duet, very typical of Shyam's many other duets. KJY SJ voice GA music offers another level of effusive rise , benefits the overall plot within and the clip attached would also elaborate the situation like a prelude. I plan to feature about three songs a week (Mon/Wed/Fri). Both Asha & Veerapandiya Kattabomman songs were purly amaged.

Neel D - My memory is so hopeless, I have to edit my posts a couple of times! :lol: Neel D - My memory is so hopeless, I have to edit my posts a couple of times! :lol: Song: n An O ka N p Arthth En Film: Puthiyavan Singers: K. "n An O ka N p Arthth En" is a simple but lovely composition by V. The lyrics start off well with a nice pallavi but the charanams are ordinary. Ameerjan directed the big hit "Poo Vilangu" which launched the successful career of Murali, the eternal college student. VSN was far ahead of the game (compared to the current B-graders... A high energy composition with all the classic elements of KVM, and PS effortlessly grabs it and goes to town with it. For whatever reason the song is not heard as often as some of the classics such as "ma Rainthirunth E p Arkkum", "nalamth An A", "mannavan vanth Anadi", "k Om Ath A", etc. I watched "Gnaana Kuzhanthai" few years ago but cannot remember the story. However, the best part of those films is the abundance of beautiful semicalssical songs. This is the third song being featured on POW from A. Finally FF realises her mistakes and all ends well. ) but affair gone for a burton , she returns like a Thodarkadhai burdening him . Pick #485 Song: p Og Ath E p Og Ath E Film: Veerapandiya Kattabomman Music: G. Year: 1959 Today's song is a tribute to the singer and actor Rathnamala who recently passed away. Did not suit Padmini :-('pogaathe' is a real saddie.. I don't know much about Rathnamala, but have requested Manisekaran to post.

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