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01-Sep-2017 09:00

It is also worth mentioning that the OEM’s stop updating the BIOS for some of the machines after a certain time span. One can also download the Now, this is the easiest part and I have been using this method to update the BIOS on my HP Laptop since quite some time.

The motherboard manufacturers to have their own BIOS update applications and all you need to do is press a button and voila! It’s always advisable to turn off firewalls and other security software since they could meddle with the process.

Before I continue, I would like to thank any and all responses in advance. If that is correct then I would have to install the correct OS version to coincide with the Bios I am installing.

I am currently running Windows 10 and as I understand it, None of the Bios releases for the Elite 8300 are supported by Windows 10.

If you don't use bitlocker, you can just hide the TPM device in the security menu, and the PC should restart as normal.

Use the method I outlined above to update the BIOS to v03.03 or v03.04. Some other forum member with an 8200 Elite had the same issue as you did with the reboot delay on W10 with an older BIOS revision.

One can also run a command in CMD to check the BIOS version.

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In any case, should you wish to, we recommend that you do not try to update your BIOS yourself, but instead take it to a computer technician who may be better equipped to do it. Once the System Information Tool opens, you can check the BIOS version.Depending on how these bios updates must done this could be a very tedious process. After searching through the support forum I read that this is any version 8 bios or after. It updates the Intel Management Engine firmware to version, and has nothing to do with the BIOS not supporting a modern video card. I have read where many folks try to update the IME firmware, and then it messes up the PC.There are many bios updates for the 8300 and one is a version 8 bios. The HP article you read about the BIOS versions refers to HP consumer desktop PC's.Alternatively, you can directly download the BIOS from the Lenovo support site and install the same manually.

To update the BIOS on ASUS systems, you will have to use the Win FLASH Utility. In a nutshell updating the BIOS is a pretty straight forward process considering that you get the model number right.

All I can say is v2.28 has no ill effects whatsoever on the 8200 Elite's running W10.

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