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It gave great encouragement to planters, from whom were purchased deerskins, poultry, lumber, and other wares, a cargo of which, valued at ,000, was shipped to England in 1749. Ilis grave is in the front yard of the old home place where Hon. Felder, afterwards Attorney General of Georgia, spent his boyhood days. This was the beginning of the foreign trade relations through the Savannah. The list of former distinguished resi- dents of the town includes also : Judge Win. The piety of these devout Moravians moved him to admiration. Lee: “The John M es- ■ Chatham 633 ley who went out to Georgia was still in a crysallis con- dition ; he had yet to learn how to expand his wings. The Cradle of ( 1 Thr’ough John and Charles Wesley, the early life of Methodism. 2 The Houston County Academy was incorporated in 1833. In- deed, he questioned the genuineness of his conversion prior to meeting them. It is not true that his career in Georgia was the utter failure it has been represented to be in many treatises. was hampered by the uncertain condi- tion of will which is apt to precede some great spiritual change. Savannah and of the Colony of Georgia is linked with one of the most powerful religious movements of the eighteenth century. But Perry was not satisfied with one school and proceeded to organize a Baptist College for young ladies, which afterwards grew into the Houston Female College, under which name it was re-incorporated on February 18, 1854, with the fol- lowing board of trustees: Samuel F'elder, president; John Killen, vice-president; Hugh L. Trendy or not, I think you should wear what you like and what you feel comfortable in. Well, I did have a watermelon dress when I was 5 so…don't really know about that.But, I think my style has grown and continues to change.The establishment of Habersham and Harris was located near the water’s edge, in the rear of where the commis- sion house of Robert Habersham afterwards stood. Georgia’s First “On the Sunday morning before leaving South Caro- Barbecue bna, c °lonists held a special thanksgiving service, after which Oglethorpe, at his own expense, gave a grand dining, to which, in the name of the colonists, he invited the soldiers from the barracks, besides a number of citizens.

At first he refused to receive the stipend of fifty pounds per annum, but he afterwards agreed to take it.

As I'm learning more about myself, I figure out what I like, take more risks, and find what fits me best.

I've always been into fashion and I love looking through the spreads in Harper's Bazaar and W magazine.

For instance, the other day I paired a Miss Sixty fringe bomber jacket with a little black dress from Forever21 and boots from Piperlime (which so good for I usually just dress how I'm feeling! I don't know why but I think wearing a dress or skirt is more comfortable so I'll just do that!

By shopping and looking through Pinterest I'm definitely aware of the trends but I try to add my own little flare to them. Specifically, I love to play with my nails and I use different paint colors and designs to make my nails an extra accessory to my outfits.

I look to Olivia Palermo, Rachel Zoe, and Whitney Port for all things style. I'll look through what they've worn and brainstorm similar things I have in my wardrobe that I can piece together!

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