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Over the last three decades, the lines between the city's Old Money and the Nouveau Riche gradually began to blur.While the number of the rich in Delhi rising, the city has a volatile tendency of allowing people to lead disparate lives even as the physical proximity between the middle and lower classes, and the rich, decreases.Always a city where power and money carried clout, the Capital's rich and restless are not averse to flaunting their wealth.

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Last fortnight, Anukool Rishi, the 27-year-old son of a real estate tycoon and Kishan Lal, a 55-year-old cyclist, were killed when Rishi drove his Lamborghini into Lal.Still in her teens, Delnaz has already undergone three cosmetic surgeries - one for her nose, another to inject collagen into her lips and a liposuction to lose weight.If cosmetic surgery is a mode of acceptability for certain teenagers, other affluent youngsters don't blink twice before shelling out between Rs 2 lakh and Rs 2.5 lakh for coveted number plates. It's tough to get a premium number in Delhi," says a second generation entrepreneur who didn't wish to be quoted."Anybody who's from Delhi would know what that means," he says.

On prodding further, he reveals that it is one of those "classic rich addresses".

People who have the money to buy them but don't know how to drive them - it's a metaphor for what's happening to the city."Writer Shourya Bali, 24, recalls a classmate's family coming into wealth almost over-night when he was studying at Delhi Public School, Mathura Road.