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In April 2012, Facebook acquired Instagram for a billion dollars. On Pinterest, you have a virtual pinboard, where you can create, manage and share image collections that are related to a particular topic – hobbies, interests, household, etc.Once you are registered, you can browse other users’ pinboards, “like” their photos and “re-pin” their images to your own pinboard.You also have the option of reading status updates of others even if they are not one of your friends.Instagram is also a relatively new social networks – launched in October 2010.Furthermore, there are Facebook Pages, which you can ‘like’ to become part of a community that has a common interest – favorite actor, popular brand, favorite company, etc.


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With the rise of the internet, people began satisfying this natural necessity in online communities such as internet forums.

You Tube is a video-sharing website where you can view, share, upload, comment on, like or dislike videos.

The majority of the content that is uploaded to You Tube originates from individual persons.

Another special characteristic of Twitter is the use of hashtags in order to reach a larger audience. #Twitter), other Twitter users that are following that particular hashtag are more likely to see your Tweets.

Although You Tube is not considered a social media platform, it has social media characteristics and is very popular, thus making it worth mentioning.It is a smartphone application that allows you to take photos, apply various digital filters to a photo, and you can share them with other users on Instagram or other social networks.