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Michael's political rise was quite spectacular, as he became the Ban of Mehedinţi in 1588, stolnic at the court of Mihnea Turcitul by the end of 1588, and Ban of Craiova in 1593 – during the rule of Alexandru cel Rău.

The latter had him swear before 12 boyars that he was not of princely descent.

Sigismund was forced to justify his actions before the European powers, since Aron had played an active role in the anti-Ottoman coalition.

Later on, in the same city of Alba Iulia, Wallachian boyars signed a treaty with Sigismund on Michael's behalf.

The Moldavian leader Ieremia Movilă fled to Poland and Michael was declared Prince of Moldavia.

Michael kept the control of all three provinces for less than a year before the nobles of Transylvania and certain boyars in Moldavia and Wallachia rose against him in a series of revolts.

Michael was born under the family name of Pătraşcu.

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The next year he joined the Christian alliance of European powers formed by Pope Clement VIII against the Turks, and signed treaties with his neighbours: Sigismund Báthory of Transylvania, Aron Tiranul of Moldavia and the Holy Roman Emperor, Rudolf II (see Holy League of Pope Clement VIII).Thereafter, Michael allied with the Imperial General Giorgio Basta and defeated an uprising of the Hungarian nobility at Gurăslău in Transylvania.Immediately after this victory, Rudolf ordered the assassination of Michael, an action carried out on 9 August 1601 by Basta's men.Peace was again reached in late 1599, when Michael was unable to continue the war due to lack of support from his allies.

In 1599, Michael won the Battle of Șelimbăr and soon entered Alba Iulia, becoming the imperial governor (i.e. A few months later, Michael's troops invaded Moldavia and reached its capital, Iaşi.

Cel mai vizionat film dupa decembrie 1989 este "Garcea si oltenii", care a adunat in salile de cinema 290.000 de spectatori.

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