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31-Dec-2017 17:24

On June 16 of 2015, Trump declared his run for the presidency with a 45-minute television news conference (Diamond, 2015).

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Mitt Romney’s campaign used five different platforms to connect with voters while Obama’s campaign used nine (Enli 2017, 52).

The news sources associated with traditional news media are considered to be providers of conventional forms of journalism and have existed before Internet use, often connected with longstanding corporate sponsors. That said, the methods that traditional news media used on social media have failed to create consistently accurate news stories during the election campaign. To do this, news providers took on an attitude of trying to uncover the truth for the viewer by searching for scandalous stories rather than supporting a political groups’ agenda.

This essay argues that the rights of the news media should not be limited based on the advancements in social media used during the 2016 U. This has created a much larger problem with far-reaching implications. The emphasis on scandal based stories took hold of reporting strategies through the 1980s, ultimately creating shows like Nightline and Burden of Proof that established regular coverage of timely news stories (Balkin 1999, 406-407).

While social media have been applied in recent elections, the 2016 general election became what is considered the most influential in terms of changing technology and personable online interactions. The Supreme Court case rulings and the 1 Amendment establish a form of safety for journalists in the U. The press, therefore, is able to maintain news coverage without interference.

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The public has continued to use social media platforms to obtain their news, particularly taken advantage of by candidates in the 2016 general election. laws and rulings that support the current rights of the press. Third, the essay will describe the ways in which traditional news media strategies heavily influenced the news coverage on social media sites and ultimately affected the quality of online discussion regarding the 2016 general election. Ultimately, journalists should maintain the right to free press but must recognize the need for alternative methods when sharing news stories online. These cases upheld 1 Amendment protections on opinions and made it more difficult for public officials to sue the press for libel, requiring proof of malintent by the publisher (Cornell University Law School, ud. In order to provide government transparency, these rights should not be altered.

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