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", she was traumatized by an educational childbirth film when she was a teenager. "I haven't had children, and now I can't look at anything to do with childbirth. I look at children and feel no pull toward them, no desire whatsoever. People think that you are a nasty, selfish person if you don't want to have children.", "I realized that so much of the pressure I was feeling was from outside sources, and I knew I wasn't ready to take that step into motherhood.

It absolutely disgusts me." "Even one kid running around my villa makes me nervous, so I'm definitely not a candidate for father of the year! Actually, my fiancé and I have seen some very interesting personal ads of 50-year-olds that like to wear diapers. A baby by choice."Funny girl Janeane Garofalo doesn't plan on becoming a parent, though she has said that she thought she wanted to at one point. Being a biological mother just isn't part of my experience this time around.", "I love children and I love men, but I can't commit to either for the rest of my life. I had such a great mom and I know that I'd never be that mom.

Together since 2002, Beyoncé and Jay-Z finally tied the knot in April 2008 — but the busy pair has held off on children.

The couple keeps quiet about their private life, even refusing to publicly confirm their marriage, so we're willing to bet that any future baby news will be hush-hush.

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Can you imagine what it would be like, having your two dads coming to school speech days?