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19-Jun-2017 13:03

I mean, you’re looking down the barrel of my camera and we are in a van, knee to knee.

Literally, it can be intimidating, but at the end of the day, I really feel like that’s one of the many contradictions of — not really contradictions — but struggles inside Russell.

So we kind of “dated,” not romantically, but film wise.

In that kind of dating period, I kind of overheard while I was filming at his house that he was going to San Francisco to perform at Twitter Headquarters.

About your admiration for Russell — my favorite moment in the documentary comes pretty late and marks the only time you break the fourth wall and include your own voice in the film.

You ask him point blank if he thinks he’s better than everybody else and he turns it on you to ask if that’s what’s you think, to which you say yes.

He’s so articulate in being able to express all that.

So I felt like working that in would be a film that was meaningful on a lot of levels and not just a pedantic film about those topics, but something that would be meaningful and at the same time be extremely entertaining.

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The fact that he was going to Twitter Headquarters to look at Twitter through his eyes, I couldn’t resist.

There are quite a few and I think that one of them is that balance between understanding that he’s not any different than anybody else in a certain way, but of course he realizes he has immense talent, intelligence and a lot of experience at this point.

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