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In the early 9th century a Khmer (ethnic Cambodian) prince returned to Cambodia from abroad.

He probably arrived from nearby Java or Sumatra, where he may have been held hostage by island kings who had asserted control over portions of the Southeast Asian mainland.

Served by a network of canals, the city was an important trade link between India and China.

Ongoing excavations in southern Cambodia have revealed the existence of another important city near the present-day village of Angkor Borei.

Funan gave way to the Angkor Empire with the rise to power of King Jayavarman II in 802.

The following 600 years saw powerful Khmer kings dominate much of present day Southeast Asia, from the borders of Myanmar east to the South China Sea and north to Laos.

Angkor Era Bayon Temple, Angkor Thom The giant faces carved on the Bayon temple at the Angkor Thum complex in northwestern Cambodia represent both the Buddha and King Jayavarman VII (ruled about 1130-1219).

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Historians have noted, for example, that Cambodians can be distinguished from their neighbors by their clothing - checkered scarves known as Kramas are worn instead of straw hats.

Thailand and Laos still contain Khmer ruins and inscriptions.

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