Dating a guy with sleep apnea

22-Oct-2017 04:52

People who don’t have narcolepsy constantly “know how I feel” and I nod my head in agreement, like a plastic bobble-head doll.It’s been said that an average person would have to stay awake for 48 to 72 hours straight before they would feel the same violent call to sleep I experience daily.Oddly enough, all this confusion was brought on by a microscopic loss of cells I’d never known I’d had, never mind lost.And even odder that all this loss bears one name – “narcolepsy.” The sleepiness of narcolepsy, technically called “excessive daytime sleepiness,” means that, even with the best medication available – amphetamines and other wake-promoting drugs, my brain still demands to be shut down multiple times a day.

I ran cold water over my face and down the back of my neck, did jumping jacks in the handicap stall, pinched my thighs and arms, and slapped myself, hard, across the face.

If I spoke to someone who hadn’t eaten in 48 to 72 hours – I wouldn’t say, “I know how you feel” because I missed breakfast yesterday. When I feel as if I haven’t slept in over two full days, pleasantries fall by the wayside.

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