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23-Jul-2017 23:10

"I don't like to say we're a dating service, because we are really just a technology provider with user generated content." says Joel, who says Grindr has been adding about 2,000 new users a day since it launched in March 2009."We don't get involved in how it's used."Or, in my case, misused.

" The stranger didn't have a face pic; his profile photo was just a shot of his bare chest.

I can't count how many times I asked a guy on Grindr, "Where are you?

" only to receive the reply, "I'm at work," or worse, "I'm driving." Los Angeles has a no-texting-while-driving law; still, I couldn't fight the temptation to find out how many other gays were stuck in traffic on the 101 with me.

"Did you hear about that lawyer who was at his desk and found someone two feet away who turned out to be his assistant so they screwed in his office?

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" Or, "That's nothing compared to the dad accidentally Grinding with his son downstairs." Which is perhaps why the folks behind Grindr distance themselves as much as possible from what its users actually do with it."This is so easy," I thought, as I pulled my shirt back on and thanked the charming young man whom I had adulterated about five minutes prior. " he asked, trying not to seem needy."You know where to find me," I responded, which was code for "No." Putting my i Phone back in my pocket I exited the building—and walked across the street to my house.